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Sanitation Officer

Job Description

Rank: Officer, Two Stripes

Department: Hotel

Main function: Responsible for Health and Hygiene Standards of the Hotel Department on board to ensure that USPH, HACCP and Company standards are upheld

Reports to: Hotel Director

Direct Subordinates: Chief Galley Steward

Next in Command: Galley Steward

Cabin: Shared (Single if available)


  • Minimum of two years ship experience
  • Kitchen back round preferred
  • Must have USPH experience
  • Must be knowledgeable in HACCP
  • Must be Knowledgeable in ISM matters and relevant parts of MLC
  • Ability to manage crew must be apparent
  • Must be able to read and evaluate hygiene inspection reports (USPH and similar style reports) and be fully aware of the internal organisation of catering department on board a cruise ship
  • Must be able to initiate and conduct inspections and prepare hygiene inspection reports in USPH style

Areas of Responsibility

All areas of the Hotel Department on board and all aspects covered by USPH, HACCP excluding water treatment and medical reports.

Positions Demanding Close Liaison

  • Chief galley Steward - Day to day Hygiene in Galley etc maintained
  • Executive Chef - Hygiene, inspection records, training
  • Hotel Director - Quality, hygiene in galleys, provision rooms, restaurants and mess rooms
  • Chief Engineer - Equipment maintenance and meeting sanitary guidelines
  • Staff Captain - Safety, disciplinary action

At all times a professional and diplomatic relationship is to be maintained with all other officers whilst protecting the interests of the operations contract and the hygiene standards on board.

Specific Duties/Responsibilities and Activities

Pre-screen the areas to be inspected to ensure the best possible presentation and standards. Actively participates in ALL Health and Hygiene Inspections on board including, but not limited to, galleys, mess rooms, restaurants, bars, stores, garbage rooms, pantries, cabins, crew cabins, etc. Note all comments and items to be corrected during inspection.

Prepare corrective action report after inspection in conjunction with the Chief Housekeeper and Hotel Director

Constant monitoring of administration and working procedures and ensure all are carried out as stated in SMM and especially the Hotel Operation Manual.

Ensure that cleaning supplies and consumables are used economically and wastage is minimised. Always act in the best interests of the company with regard to minimising costs, this done in close contact with the Chief galley Steward.

All machines and equipment must be kept in good repair and in a clean condition.

Supervise instruction program on handling of equipment for new or re-rated crewmembers. Handling procedures of previously trained crewmembers to be constantly monitored and rechecked. Regular inspections on the condition of equipment must be carried out and an up to date AVO list to be maintained. Follow up on action required, outstanding repair list to be checked on a regular basis and sent to HO on a weekly basis.

Verifies by carrying out a risk assessment that crew members a fit (fatigue, stress…) to work during their contract period.

Ensure that all waste produced and handled by the Hotel department complies with rules set by MARPOL and the vessels SMS. Ensure all workers are fully trained and that complete records of waste discharge are kept as per ISM manual including the waste oil procedure.

Ensure that all staff in the catering department, especially the galley, work according to the standards set in the Hotel Management Manual, (USPH / HACCP). Spot-checks to be made on a regular daily basis. End of cruise general cleaning to be done and any other times as advised.

Ensure that a structured training programme is in place to cover all aspects of Health and Hygiene. A copy of the programme is to be agreed and signed by the Director of Operations.

Ensure that all crew are trained and retrained to ensure standards are met and maintained. Training records to be kept and all crew to sign after every training sessions. Training records to be kept in crew file and to be permanently up to date and available for inspection at any time.

Training to be a mixture of practical on the job explanations, classroom style theory, video training and exercises. A system of computer based modular training to be phased in.


Lead subordinates successfully into productive working methods by setting an example and utilising all available management tools (Hotel Operation manuals and checklists).

Provide a two-way line of communication for Staff. Dealing with day to day problems, including personal problems.

Deal with proposals and suggestions from Management and Staff.

Ensure that correct disciplinary procedures are adhered to especially with regard to correct handling of written warnings and record of same.

Follow up on disciplinary reports.

Upkeep of previously agreed and established standards

Check on existing standards by asking crew members of their opinion and suggest changes/improvement to Hotel Director where Food and Beverage, Passenger Service and Crew Matters are concerned.


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