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Restaurant Manager

Job Description

Rank: Officer 2 stripes

Department: Hotel Department; Restaurant

Main function: Operation of the Restaurants and all other passenger food outlets

Reports to: Hotel Director

Direct Subordinates: Head Waiters, Waiters, Utilities

Next in Command: Maitre D’ or Asst. Restaurant Manager

Cabin: Single


  • Must have graduated from a Hotel Management school or Catering College
  • Must have a minimum of three years in a Management position, preferably on a cruise ship
  • Must have excellent command of the English language and any other language(s) as may be required by the Company (German is of advantage)
  • Must have typing skills and knowledge of Windows, Word, Excel, MS Outlook
  • Must have good knowledge of a table reservation systems, special diets and ethnic foods
  • Must be aware of Management functions and have the ability to communicate with all levels of personnel and passenger
  • Must be well versed in passenger complaint handling tactics
  • The ability to manage and lead Assistants and Crew
  • Must be able to understand the cost controlling system (or at least the part concerning the restaurant) and co-operate accordingly

Areas of Responsibility

The Restaurants and all passenger areas where Food Service activities take place

Positions Demanding Close Liaison

  • Hotel Director - Passenger & Crew administration
  • Executive Chef - Food Service
  • Hotel Cost Controller - Supply of Stores
  • Cruise Director - Passenger activities, shore excursions

Specific Duties and Activities

  • Carry out all inspections as requested by the Hotel Manager and outlined in the Hotel Management Manuals.
  • Check on administration- and working procedures and ensure all are carried out as stated in the Hotel Management Manuals.
  • Ensure that all necessary tasks are performed in order to maintain maximum cost control.
  • All machines and equipment must be kept in good repair.
  • Regular inspections on the conditions of equipment must be carried out, a log needs to be maintained.
  • Verifies by carrying out a risk assessment that crew members a fit (fatigue, stress…) to work during their contract period.
  • Follow up on action required, outstanding repair list to be checked on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that the 2 sitting system as well as the open seating system is followed and managed correctly.
  • Ensure that all Dining Room Waiters are at all time up to standard in regards to food and beverage service within the Dining Room.
  • Ensure that all crew in the restaurant section work according to USPH standards set in the Hotel Management Manuals.
  • Ensure that all new staff in the restaurant section work receive proper training until they are fully aware of company standards.
  • Existing staff needs to be re-trained on a regular basis.


  • Ensure that Head Waiters, Restaurant Stewards and Cleaners receive all information they need to perform their duties in a proper manner, including passenger numbers, VIP info, company regulations and all information related to restaurant passenger service.
  • Streamlining the incoming information from Hotel Director.
  • Ensure that all crew are fully aware of all operational instructions.
  • Ensure that communication between Restaurant and other Ship’s Departments are maintained at all times.
  • Ensure that restaurant notice board is neat and updated at all times.

Passenger Service

  • All passenger complaints concerning the restaurant department have to be followed up personally by the Restaurant Manager. This means contacting the passenger, interviewing him/her and take the necessary action to satisfy the passenger.
  • Ensure that service in restaurants is carried out according to standards set out in the Hotel Management Manuals.
  • All passengers have to be contacted (verbally) as often as possible, and at least once a day by the respective head waiter, to receive any comments and/or complaints.
  • Provide feedback to Executive Chef on passenger complaints / concerns / suggestions.
  • Review and act on comments from passenger comment cards.


  • Lead subordinates successfully into productive working methods by setting an example and utilizing all available management tools (Hotel Management manuals)
  • Provide a two way line of communication for crew. Dealing with day to day problems, including personal problems.
  • Hold restaurant musters on a daily basis, clear all questions regarding menu and restaurant service.
  • Deal with proposals and suggestions from restaurant staff, report to Hotel Manager
  • Provide station plans, side job lists, port duty rotas, etc. well in advance
  • Keep all records as required per Hotel Management Manuals
  • Ensure that correct disciplinary procedures are adhered to.
  • Follow up on disciplinary reports.
  • It is expected, that the Restaurant Manager is fully aware of the company standards as outlined in the Hotel Management Manual.
  • The Restaurant Manager is expected to know the job description of each crew member in the Restaurant Department.
  • Ensure, that the set standards are kept and staff members work according to their respective job descriptions and time schedules.
  • Check on existing standards by asking crew members and passengers of their opinion and suggest modifications to Hotel Manager where appropriate. 

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