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Guest Services Manager

Job Description

Title: Guest Services Manager

Rank: Officer

Department: Guest Services

Main function: Responsible for the entire Guest Services and Customer Relations operation including the day to day running of reception, Passenger Embarkation and Disembarkation, Cabin Changes, Lost Luggage’s, future cruises and shore excursions departments

Reports To: Hotel Director

Direct Subordinates:

  • Assistant Guest Services Manager (Future Cruise Consultant)
  • Shore Excursions Manager
  • Social Activities Host

Next in Command: Assistant Guest Services Manager / Shore Excursions Manager


  • Must have sound knowledge of all hotel departments
  • Must have refined skills in public relations, which demands an excellent command of the English language
  • At least four years experience within the Hotel Department on a cruise vessel with at least three years in a Management position
  • Minimum five years ship’s experience. Customer Service background essential.
  • Must have Typing skills
  • Must have Computer skills: Windows 2000/XP, Word, Excel, MS Outlook. Additional: Fidelio Cruise (or similar Ship Management System)
  • Must be knowledgeable in the ISM regulations
  • Must have the ability to manage section heads and crew. Must be a good organiser and communicator and feel comfortable working with crew of different nationalities.
  • Must be able to formulate efficient daily reports to Head Office (CMV UK), respond and react efficiently to guest related issues, and be fully aware of the internal organisation of the Hotel department on board a cruise ship

Areas of Responsibility

All front desk, future cruise, shore excursions and social activity areas

Positions Demanding Close Liaison

  • Captain - All passengers’ welfare Overall responsible
  • Hotel Director - All Hotel, Entertainment, Concessions Operations and Passengers Welfare. All Hotel Department Disciplinary Action
  • Ass. Guest Services Manager - Responsible for the Future Cruises, assist the Guest Service Manager in Supervising and Training the Front Desk team. Responsible of all Administrative Matters i.e. Complaint Logs, AVO’s, Medical Disembarkation, Insurance Claims.
  • Cruise Director - All onboard Entertainment. In charge of the Entertainment team, Musicians, Dancers, Guests Acts, Passenger activities and communications
  • Chief Engineer - Equipment maintenance from complaints log issues
  • Concessionaire managers - Passenger Issues
  • CMV Office – Ops dept Operational issues
  • CMV Office – Res dept Bookings issues

At all times a professional and diplomatic relationship is to be maintained with all other officers and owners and operators offices.

Specific Duties and Activities

  • Check on administration and working procedures and ensure all are carried out as stated in the Hotel Management Manual
  • Carry out all inspections as outlined in the Hotel Management Manual
  • Ensure that all crew responsible within the department adhere to the controlling procedures as outlined in the Hotel Management Manual.
  • Conduct sporadic inspections, using the check lists in the Hotel Management Manual set by the company.
  • Always act in the best interests of the company with regard to minimising costs.
  • Instigate and maintain an instruction program on guest handling for reception team. Oversee that guest handling procedures of already trained crew members is maintained. Regular inspections on the conditions of equipment relevant to the department must be carried out and an up to date AVO list to be maintained.
  • Action the responsibilities given by the safety officer in the correct evacuation of pax and crew.
  • Take part in officers/Captains table as requested
  • Any other duties as requested by head office and Ship Senior management
  • Onboard future cruise and shore excursion sales have to be co-ordinated together with the Sub-department heads responsible whereby the Guest Services Manager is responsible to ensure that highest possible Revenue Results are achieved.
  • The Guest Services Manager should support his staff, officers and his fellow crewmembers in all their tasks and duties. He should also provide the necessary support and assistance in all administrational matters.
  • Besides the training of all personnel for their specific duties, there should be an ongoing, organised and executed training programme for all departmental employees. Regular check ups of all departments are obligatory and all complaints have to be corrected immediately. This is done in conjunction with the Assistant Guest Services Manager and Shorex manager
  • Obligatory daily meetings with the Hotel Director as well as with all related department heads should be carried out not only to improve the working relationships but are also needed for ongoing maintenance, planning upcoming events as well as to discuss all matters and areas which may need improvement and upgrading.
  • The Guest Services Manager must attend the weekly meeting held with the Captain together with all department heads. In these meetings all ideas, events (of the week or cruise) and all eventual solutions done by whom until when have to be recorded. A copy of this record has to be forwarded to the D.O.O. ashore.
  • The Guest Services Manager should be responsible for an ongoing Product Development structure.

Passenger Service

Deal with all passenger complaints in the most diplomatic way. Attend all passenger parties and receptions as required. To be in uniform at all times in public areas and to act in a professional, responsible manner.

Ensure the high level of service in reception, shore excursions and all related areas is carried out and maintained in accordance with the standards set out in the Hotel Management Manual. The Guest Services Manager should co-ordinate together with his Sub-Department heads on all opening hours in all public and crew areas and for adherence to all events onboard as per the daily programme, and submit it to the Hotel Director for Final Approval.


The Guest Services Manager must report all safety and disciplinary matters to the Hotel Director. The relationship between the Hotel Director and the Guest Services Manager must be productive, harmonious and efficient. The Guest Services Manager will report to the Hotel Director on board and also provide daily reports to the CMV Office relating to passenger issues from the complaints log. The Guest Services Manager will not divulge any business or financial information to any third party. The Guest Services Manager is a senior representative of the company on board and has, together with the Hotel Director and Captain, the responsibility of comfort for all passengers.

The Guest Services Manager should:

  • Treat every officer and crew member in the same way that he would want to be treated himself.
  • Evaluate all departmental staff under his authority as per company Procedures every three months and/or whenever a sub-department head is leaving the vessel.
  • Lead subordinates successfully into productive working methods by setting an example and utilising all available management tools (Guest Service Management Manual and checklists).
  • Provide a two way line of communication for Staff dealing with day to day problems, including personal problems.
  • Deal with proposals and suggestions from Middle Management and Staff.
  • Send cruise reports and associated paperwork as soon as possible after completion of each cruise. Report to head office by regular communication per email.
  • Ensure that correct disciplinary procedures are forwarded to the Hotel Director and adhered to especially with regard to correct handling of written warnings and record of same.
  • Follow up on disciplinary reports.
  • The Guest Services Manager is held responsible for maintaining the highest possible quality standards within his department, review passenger ratings at each meeting and take corrective action when necessary to ensure standards are upheld.
  • It is expected, that the Guest Services Manager should be fully aware of the company standards as outlined in the Hotel Management Manual. The Guest Services Manager is expected to know the job description of each crew member in his department.
  • The Guest Services Manager should feel able to request the assistance of the CMV Office or Director of Operations at any time.

Daily Routine

  • Daily brief meeting with the Hotel Director to exchange information
  • Passenger announcements relating to non entertainment related matters
  • Passenger communications and letters relating to itinerary adjustments
  • Overseeing the efficient running of all Tender operations
  • Menu checking and signing off
  • Direct liaison with CMV Office when necessary relating to all passenger matters
  • Overseeing the duty allocation of the Social Activities Host
  • Daily meeting with the sub-heads of department regarding all passenger related matter of the previous 24 hours and the planning for the following day
  • Inspection walkabout with the Hotel Director to control maintenance of all public areas, open decks and passenger cabins.
  • Meet with passengers regarding any cruise related issues
  • Oversee the efficient customer service operation in the reception, shore excursions and future cruise departments

In addition to the above Job Description the following points apply:

  • All official e-mails to be communicated to head office must be done under password protection if sent from the ship with the Hotel Director in Copy.


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