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Staff Captain

Job Description

Rank: Officer

Department: Deck

Main function: Deputies for the Master whenever the Master requires and assumes command in the event that the Master is unable to attend to his responsibilities. Responsible for the Deck Maintenance and Crew and on board discipline

Direct Subordinates: Safety Officer, Doctor, All Deck Officers, Boatswain

Next in Command: Safety Officer


  • Must have sound knowledge of passenger vessel and at least 2 years in Passengers’ ship
  • Large-scale knowledge of the applicable codes, guidelines and standards
  • Well acquainted with the Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Management System and MLC requirements
  • Minimum of seagoing experience as Safety Officer for at least two years on board the vessels type or other adequate experience (unless decided different by the company)
  • Leadership capacity
  • All certificates and licenses as required by the STCW Code for this position and Preferable to have Master’s license (Class A)
  • Must have acceptable skills in public relations and a good command of the English language
  • Minimum 10 years ship’s experience. (unless decided different by the company)
  • Must have acceptable Typing and Computer skills
  • It is recommended to have USPH, Coast Guard and UK MCA Port State Control experience
  • It is recommended to have minimum knowledge in HACCP
  • It is recommended to have IPM knowledge
  • Must be knowledgeable in the ISM matters

Areas Of Responsibility:

  • Deck Maintenance, Machinery & Equipment
  • Deck Crew
  • All Crew Discipline
  • Fresh and Leisure water
  • IPM
  • Stability & Hull Stress
  • Gangway routines
  • Waste Disposal
  • Safety Management System
  • Risk Assessment

Positions Demanding Close Liaison

  • Chief Engineer - All safety & Technical Matters related to the safe operation of the vessel
  • Safety Officer - All Safety matters
  • Hotel Director - All Hotel matters
  • Doctor - All medical Matters
  • Charter Representative - All passenger matters and booking/reservation information

At all times a professional and diplomatic relationship is to be maintained with all other officers whilst protecting the interests of the operations contract

Specific Duties/Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Deputies for the Master whenever the Master requires and assumes command in the event that the Master is unable to attend to his responsibilities.
  • Ensures that Safety Officer collaborate with the SSO, Sanitation Officer, Doctor to establish a schedule of drills and training according to SMS and MLC requirements
  • Is in command of the Deck Department and has to manage it efficiently
  • Ensures that Class Society Status is up to date on board
  • Issues instructions in a simple and clear manner and controls the execution of same
  • Enforces order and discipline in his department as well as all the ship
  • Is in charge of control of officers and Ratings duties on the bridge
  • Takes care of watch planning and controlling
  • Handles and manages personnel matters
  • Arranges and supervises maintenance and repairs on deck and throughout the vessel in co-operation with the technical department
  • Maintains the critical equipment
  • Is in charge of request, control and registration of deck stores, consumables and spare parts checking that delivery goods are Asbestos free
  • Controls the stock and order of oil spill equipment
  • Supervises the life-saving and fire-fighting duties of the Safety Officer
  • Is in charge of garbage management
  • Is in charge of ballast water management
  • Has to carry out trim and stability calculations
  • Responsible for damage stability calculations in case of emergency
  • Responsible for the implementation of the SMS in his department, especially the company policy
  • Motivates ship’s officers and crew in the execution of the SMS
  • Continuously reviewing the SMS and monitors effectiveness
  • Appraises and co-ordinates on-board training requirements in co-operation with the Safety Officer, Hotel Manager, Chief Engineer, Sanitation Officer and Doctor.
  • Properly keeps the necessary documentation
  • Provides information and consultancy in case of inspections
  • Ensures compliance with MLC requirements
  • Reports defects/Deficiencies/Damage to the Master and other matters with implications for safe operations or pollution risk.
  • Ensures that Hazardous situations are identified in his department and dealt with
  • Verifies by carrying out a risk assessment that crew members a fit (fatigue, stress…) to work during their contract period.
  • Ensures that all identified risks to the vessel, personnel and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards ( Risk Assessment)


  • Superior for all officers and crew of his department
  • Assigns special duties to the deck officers and crew
  • Orders spare parts and consumables for his department
  • Proposes any changes with respect to the SMS

Substitute: Safety Officer

Reporting to: Master

Passenger Service

He is informed about passenger complaints concerning his area of responsibility and deals in the most diplomatic way. He attends passenger’ parties when invited.

Establish with the Hotel Manager Routine inspections in passengers areas, Ensures that findings related to his area of responsibility are rectified when reported.


  • Participates in Master Meetings, Participates in Maintenance Meetings, Participates in Safety & Health Meetings.
  • He organizes with the Chief Engineer and the Hotel Director the Crew cabins and Areas inspections.
  • He participates in Weekly Public Health Inspections.
  • He ensures that MLC Complaint procedures form is handed to all crew members.
  • He reports all defects and deficiencies aboard to the Master. Matters requiring immediate action and/or assistance from the Company are reported without delay by telephone, telex, e-mail, mobile or fax. All other matters and/or information are included in regular routine reports. However Masters must keep the Company aware of the actual condition of their ships.
  • The highest priority is to treat every officer and crew member in the same way that he would want to be treated himself.
  • He evaluates Deck crew/Officers as per SMS.
  • He has to lead subordinates successfully into productive working methods by setting an example and utilising all available management tools.
  • Provide a two way line of communication for Staff. He deals with day to day problems, including personal problems.
  • He deals with proposals and suggestions from Management and Staff.
  • Organises Maintenance meetings where minutes to be taken with action column, check up from previous meetings, minutes to be sent to HO.
  • He Reports to head office by regular communication per email.
  • He Ensures that correct disciplinary procedures are adhered to especially with regard to correct handling of written warnings and record of same.
  • Follow up on disciplinary reports.
  • Ensures that the set standards are kept and staff members work according to their respective job descriptions. Corrective action must to be taken to ensure standards are upheld.
  • He is to review passenger ratings at each meeting and to take immediate corrective action and request assistance where requested from HO.
  • Ensures that safety meetings are carried out and MLC requirements are fulfilled.
  • He completes a Handover protocol when signing on a company’s vessel.

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