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Guest Services Host


Experience required in ‘customer-facing’ roles.

Customer Service

Experience dealing with customer complaints, an advantage

Experience working on board other vessels, an advantage

Key Skills

Highly Organised.

Friendly and bubbly Personality.

Good multi-tasker

Ability to stay calm under pressure and when dealing with complaints or challenging situations.

Job Description

Title: Guest Services Host/ess

Rank: Staff

Department: Hotel

Main function: The Guest Services Host/ess is the ‘socially visible’ organiser on the ship.

Reports to: Guest Services Manager

Direct Subordinates: Receptionists

Cabin: Shared with one person

An inspiring, passenger-focussed organiser. Able to organise, arrange and host social events, cocktails parties, bridge tours & ensuring that all passengers have a memorable cruise. Able to immediately resolve minor passenger issues, deal with insurance activations where necessary and actively promote the future cruise operation.


  • Certification & Documentation Required
  • Personal Survival Techniques STCW - Ref. A-VI/1-1
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting - STCW Ref. A-VI/1-2
  • Elementary First Aid - STCW Ref. A-VI/1-3
  • Personal, safety and social responsibilities STCW A-VI/1-4
  • Crowd Management Ref. A – V/2 Par 1-3 or A – V/3 Par 1-3
  • Security Awareness Ref. A-VI/6 -1
  • ENG 1 Medical
  • Valid passport
  • Seaman’s Book - National or Bahamian Seaman’s Books only.

The above is required to work on board as a member of the crew. All the above certificates can be obtained on an intensive one week training course, but cost must be paid by individual.


  • Must have refined skills in public relations, which demands an excellent command of the English language
  • Must have sound knowledge of the Cruise & Maritime Voyages on board product
  • Must have the skills to ensure consistently high levels of passenger satisfaction
  • Must have the ability to manage the daytime & evening social events
  • At least one year’s experience within the Guest Services Department/Hotel Department on a cruise vessel
  • Must possess strong problem solving, public relations and planning skills
  • Must have computer keyboard skills: Windows 2000/XP, Word, Excel, MS Outlook and Microsoft Publisher.
  • Additional: Fidelio Cruise (or similar Ship Management System), would be beneficial
  • Must be knowledgeable in the Company Policy
  • Able to communicate passenger announcements over the PA system when required
  • Assist the Guest Services Manager, documentation purser with any passenger related issues and supply
  • Ideas for promoting on board gift packages & future cruise sales.

Areas of Responsibility:

Required to assist the Guest Services Manager & Cruise Director with the efficient running of all Cocktail parties, social events, passenger issues & future cruise sales

Positions demanding close liaison:

  • Guest Services Manager
  • Cruise Director
  • Hotel Director
  • CMV Customer Services and Global hotel & Entertainment Departments

At all times a professional and diplomatic relationship is to be maintained with all other officers and owners and operators offices 

Specific duties and activities:

  • Ensuring consistently high levels of passenger satisfaction
  • Ensuring the efficient operation of all social activities and passenger get together throughout the public areas
  • Being a visible and constant social presence around the ship
  • Assisting the Guest Services Manager with all passenger related issues where needed
  • Monitoring passenger feedback and reporting issues where necessary
  • Future Cruise presentations, promotions & sales working in conjunction with the CMV offices
  • Embarkation & Disembarkation duties
  • Assist, provide or organise suitable ongoing training to all Reception and Guest Services related staff to ensure that they are fully trained in all of the requirements of customer service and are proficient in carrying these duties out.
  • Ensure all Guest Service Staff are competent in handling passenger matters and welfare on early disembarkation including assisting in MMS insurance activation and follow ups.
  • Provide suitable training to Guest Services related staff regarding the selling of Future Cruises and booking procedures
  • Initiate courtesy call after check-in to ensure VIP guest is satisfied with accommodations as well as offer any assistance
  • Escort VIP arrivals and check/assist with the delivery of amenities
  • Help with the Front desk services include registering guest credit cards
  • Handles all guest questions and issues in an efficient, professional and friendly manner in a 24-hour operation.
  • Provides guest information about ship and ports of call. This role has high guest interaction

Working alongside the Guest Services Manager you will be responsible for the following:

  • Preparation and arrangement of all pre-paid Gift Packs
  • Preparation and arrangement of all pre-paid Birthday and Wedding celebrations
  • Preparation and monitoring all added value cabin extras prior to embarkation
  • Preparation and overseeing delivery of all floral tributes on embarkation day
  • Add depth, intelligence and freshness to all onboard functions and social activities
  • Organise and oversee the efficient working of the library and card room activities
  • Ensure all daily printed quizzes and crosswords are arranged each morning
  • Co-ordinate with the Hotel Dept on all Solo & Virgin Cruiser and all repeat passengers functions
  • Escort on shore excursions where required
  • Prepare in advance of each cruise itinerary, a plan of required passenger activities
  • Co-ordinating all future Cruise bookings and desk hours
  • Co-ordinating maximum use of the Future Cruise promotional materials
  • Future cruise presentations on a cruise by cruise bases to ensure that all target are hit
  • Co-ordinating and following up on daily issues from the reception log in conjunction with the Senior receptionist and & guest Services Manager
  • Arranging table invites for dinner where required
  • Always act in the best interests of the company with regard to minimising costs
  • Take part in officers/Captains table as requested
  • Any other duties as requested by head office, Hotel Director or Guest Services
  • Socializes, welcomes guests contributes to social events and functions taking place throughout the ship

 Line Management:

  • Reporting directly to the Guest Services Manager and liaising when required with the Cruise Director.
  • Compiling an independent daily log and sending each completed cruise report to the CMV Customer
  • Services Department & Global Management

In addition to the above Job Description the following points apply:

• All official e-mails to be communicated to head office must be done under password protection if sent from the ship.

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