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Financial Controller

Job Description

Rank: Officer 3 stripes

Department: Financial Control Department

Reports to: Hotel Director (operational), Head office (financial)

Direct subordinate: Accountants

Cabin: Single


  • Must have working knowledge of hotel style accountancy
  • Must have typing, windows XP, word, excel and MS outlook skills. Additional: crew administration and payroll system, accounts receivable (any system), stock control (any system), fidelio cruise, winzip
  • Must be willing to receive training in company’s software.
  • Must have working skills for working with POs systems.
  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Must be flexible in daily working hours.
  • Must be able to work and plan ahead under constraints of timetables.
  • Must be self-motivated and have an analytical/problem solving capabilities.
  • Must be above average in spoken and written English.

Close working relationships required with: (but not limited to)

  • Hotel Director
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Bar Manager
  • Executive chef
  • Front Desk Manager
  • Crew Coordinator
  • Concessionaires
  • Hotel Cost Controller

Specific Duties/Responsibilities and Activities

Accounting management - Revenue control

Revenue reporting

  • Reconciliation of sales in all revenue outlets on a daily basis.
  • Recording and retention of daily sales for reporting to head office.
  • Production of daily sales reports to members of management as required.
  • To maintain a filing system of all revenue back up for audit.
  • To obtain passenger and crew numbers for production of victualling report.
  • To obtain figures and backup on all goods and services given on board ship at either a discounted rate or complimentary rate, or on company accounts, for reporting to head office as part of the cruise end reporting.
  • Spot check all outlets for accuracy of prices charged and invoices raised. Particular attention to be made to charges to crew.

Accounting management - Cost control

Cash book recording.

  • Maintain a cashbook on daily basis recording and detailing all cash purchases and receipts made during the cruise.
  • Maintain a filing system for all; dockets, receipts, vouchers and invoices relating to movements in the cashbook.

Inventories and stocks.

  • Spot-check on a regular basis the accuracy of all inventories taken by the storekeeper. This includes not only food & beverage stores but also equipment, consumables and items in circulation.
  • A log is to be maintained of these spot-checks detailing not only what was checked but also the reconciliation of any differences found between the stock control system items on hand and actual items on hand.
  • Spot check on a regular basis must be made on food and beverage slow moving items and items that are nearing their `sell by date.` the hotel director must be advised on these items.
  • A spot check is to be made on the inventory of crew shop. As above a log is to be maintained of these checks detailing not only what was checked but also the reconciliation of any differences found between the stock control system items on hand and actual items on hand.

Purchases and issues.

  • A check is to be made to ensure that all requisitions are input in the stock control system by the Hotel Cost Controller. A further check is to be made on the accuracy of the input in terms of items ordered and numeric quantity. Care must be taken with exchange rates.
  • A check is to be made to ensure that all invoices relating to purchases of items for use on board the ship are input into the stock control system. A further check is to be made on the accuracy of the input in terms of items delivered and numeric quantity and price and exchange rates.
  • All local purchases are the responsibility of the financial controller and as such must be approved before the purchase is made.
  • All receipts, dockets and other documentation must be retained by the financial controller for these local purchases, not only as backup for the entry into the cashbook but also for any input that is needed into the stock control system.
  • To maintain a fiing system for the retention of all backup relating to purchases and requisitions made during the cruise.

Crew accounts.

  • To calculate the cost of all commissions and tips due to the crew.
  • To calculate and reconcile all crew accounts and discounts due.


  • To maintain a log for checking purpose for all communications made using shipboard equipment. This will include all telephone calls, faxes made and other electronic messages send.

Beverage cost.

  • To reconcile the costs relating to the crew bar and bonded store sales.
  • To organise the accountant to make spot-checks in the bars to check consumption and costs of beverage.
  • To advise on costs of special events and promotions.

Accounting management - Crew matters


  • Calculate monthly payroll of all applicable departments and personnel
  • To reconcile and book all salaries, bonus due, overtime due, expenses due, travel claims, commissions and prepaid tips.
  • To reconcile and book all deductions and equipment deposits and where applicable union dues.
  • Using the hr software, and with cooperation of crew purser, record any crew movements such as, sign on, sign off, promotions, demotions, salary changes and payment methods.
  • Using the hr software, prepare all necessary reports and wage slips.
  • By 22nd of the month, send to head office payroll forecast for amount of currency needed and allotments requested.
  • Make payment of crew payroll & paying attention that all payments received are signed for and filed for sending to head office.
  • To maintain and reconcile a ledger of crew deposits made to financial office. A report of this ledger to be made to head office on a monthly basis.
  • To ensure that all payroll payments are entered in the cashbook.

Sign on & off

  • To obtain from purser the number of crew and passengers on board the ship on a daily basis.
  • To obtain and send to head office, any written doctor’s reports in the case of medical sign offs.
  • To collect and file from crew signing on all travel receipts.
  • To obtain authorisation before sign off, the return of flight reimbursement and equipment / uniform deductions.

Accounting management - Financial reporting

Daily and whilst in port

  • Give to Hotel Director on a daily basis a copy of the daily revenue report and food cost report.
  • Daily, send to head office ‘daily budget report.’
  • Whilst the ship is in port to telephone head office to give/receive any further information or reports.( this to be done no less than weekly)

Cruise end

  • At cruise end to prepare and reconcile all revenues associated with the cruise. This will include victualling, beverage, other revenues and the shop. This must be sent to head office within three days of the cruise finishing.
  • At cruise end to prepare and reconcile all costs associated with the cruise. This will not only be the direct costs, but also discounts, commissions and goods and services given complimentary. This must be sent to head office within three days of the cruise finishing.
  • To balance and reconcile the cashbook. A record must be taken of all cash in the safe at cruise end. This must be sent to head office by recognised courier. Copies of payouts should be kept on board, together with original backups.
  • To balance and reconcile all consumption reports from the stock control system, so that a food and beverage cost report may be prepared.
  • To balance and reconcile crew fund.
  • To ensure that the cruise ratings are calculated and reconciled. A copy of the result is to be given to the Hotel Director.
  • To ensure that all computer back up’s are performed and disks as needed, are sent to head office.
  • To ensure that all backup, data and hard copies of all relevant information is sent to head office, within time limits. This is to be done by sending the information by recognised courier personally.
  • Regular emails to be sent to the financial controller at head office with any important or relative information.

Accounting management - Other duties

Safety matters

  • To be aware and take part in all safety drills as and when they occur.
  • To be aware of all health and safety matters on board the ship.

Other duties

  • To take part in captains/officers table, if time permitting.
  • To advice on costs/benefits of promotions or events.

Accounting management - Security concerns


  • All information stored in the financial controller’s office are strictly confidential, and may not be disclosed to any other member of the ships company or to any other person without the prior agreement of the director of operations in head office.
  • All papers, faxes, reports and documents are to be kept in the financial controller’s office. This is to be kept locked at all time when the office is vacant.
  • All financial reports that have to be sent from the ship must be sent via email. The file that is to be sent must be password protected using a password provided by head office. The only exception to this are the revenue reports at cruise end. These may be faxed to head office from the ship, provided they are sent personally by the financial controller.
  • All papers, faxes, reports and documents are to be kept in the financial controller’s office. This is to be kept locked at all time when the office is vacant.


  • The financial controller is responsible for all company moneys on board the ship. Therefore no safe keys or office keys are to be given to any unauthorised personnel. If any moneys or keys are stolen due to neglect on behalf of the financial controller, he/she will be held personally responsible for any losses incurred.
  • Any such loss/theft of keys, whether by neglect or by a third party, must be reported to the Master in writing without delay. Head Office must also be informed. For insurance reasons police authorities ashore must be informed as well. A full report must be made and signed off by the captain, police authorities and the financial controller.
  • If the safe employs a combination lock. The combination to the lock will not be disclosed to any third party on board the ship. The safe combination will not be changed without instructions from Head Office.
  • In emergency, the combination is also held by the Financial Director and the Director of Operations in Head Office.



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