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Sous Chef

Job Description

Rating: Officer, Two Stripes

Department: Hotel Department; Galley

Reports to: Executive Chef

Direct Subordinates: Chef Tournant, Chef de Parties, First Cooks, Asst. Cooks, Chief Galley Steward, Galley Utilities

Cabin: Single


  • Must have good knowledge of international cuisine
  • Must have a good command of the English
  • Must have a complete education as a Cook (handling of raw and cooked food)
  • Must have basic school education
  • Must have at least 5 years of practical experience in a kitchen of a restaurant or hotel
  • Must be able to deal with quality control, production control of passengers and crew menu
  • Must have USPH experience
  • Must be knowledgeable in HACCP
  • Must be knowledgeable in ISM matters

    Duties & Responsibilities

    Responsible for the operation of the hot and cold galley area including storing places, fridges, potato- and vegetable preparation room, and all other Food preperation outlets.

    Check subordinates on personal hygiene, uniforms, fingernails, haircut, shaved. Spot-checks on every working place of cooks and utilities, including storing areas, fridges and dust bins in the hot galley for cleanliness and food cost.

    Implement working schedules for all hot and cold galley cooks and utility personnel.

    Make sure that the guidelines from the Executive Chef are followed.

    The Sous Chef should be constantly aware of stock levels and stock quality (especially vegetables & fruit) and is to inspect the respective store rooms at least once a day. Pre-ordering of various food articles for special seasoning and procedures.

    The production is to be based on the number of passengers in the restaurant food production should be planned by the Sous Chef with the feedback of the Executive Chef, regarding passenger numbers for each meal.

    The entire food production of the hot galley is the direct responsibility of the Sous Chef. He is to use the standardized recipes and presentation photos as a guide line.

    The Sous Chef will evaluate his direct subordinates on a regular basis. Following the evaluation is a conversation with the evaluated crew members on a one-to-one basis, where the strong and the weak points are to be discussed and goals are set for future improvement.

    The Sous Chef is directly responsible that all his direct and indirect subordinates are fully aware of company standards concerning food production, food presentation, food handling, controlling procedures and the vessel sanitation and health program.

    He is to constantly examine the professional knowledge of his staff and train (re-train) if required. Training must include physical demonstrations of food preparation.

    All new galley crew are to be trained and closely supervised for at least three cruises.

    All machines and equipment must be kept in good repair. The Sous Chef is to ensure, that all galley personnel in his section are familiar with the handling and cleaning procedures of the respective galley equipment. He is to hold and/or arrange training sessions for this purpose and check on the crew to ensure they understand each aspect of this subject. Daily contact and exchange of information with kitchen staff as per structure graphic.

    Work with subordinates and lead them successfully into productive working methods by setting an example with professional and disciplinary habits.

    Provide a two way line of communication with all galley staff members.

    Follow correct disciplinary procedures as outlined in the Hotel Operations manual.

    It is expected, that the Sous Chef is fully aware of the company standards in his section as outlined in the Hotel Operations manual and to be fully aware of the job description of each crew member in the galley under his position.

    Ensure, that the set standards are held and crew members work according to their respective job descriptions.

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