Water bungalows in Bora Bora

The turquoise waters of the South Pacific Ocean are home to French Polynesia, a collection of 118 islands divided into five archipelagos. The region is well-known for its glistening azure lagoons, tropical landscapes and vistas unlike any other, making this a dreamy destination to visit. With each archipelago offering something different, there are a plethora of things to see and do whilst on holiday here, from scuba diving with turtles and whales to off-roading in a 4X4, ensuring you have an incredible time.

The Society Islands make up one of the most popular regions, boasting one of the most populated islands, Tahiti, as well as Bora Bora, a holiday hotspot like no other. Here, water villas stand proudly jutting from the ocean on stilts, providing you with panoramic views of the incredible landscape surrounding you whilst jet skis skim across the water, showing you the island from a different perspective. With its unrivalled sunsets and miles of unspoilt greenery, it is understandable why this is seen as one of the most perfect year-round travel destinations.

Whether you visit Bora Bora for a week or even just a day on your next around the world cruise, this unforgettable destination is sure to stand-out as one of your favourite locations. Find out why below!


The Lagoon

A man snorkeling

Bora Bora’s lagoon is undoubtedly the most incredible feature that this island has to offer. We quizzed Keith, a travel blogger at Velvet Escape, on what his favourite features of the French Polynesian island were, and he revealed his love for its lagoon:

“Bora Bora is simply a little piece of heaven in the South Pacific. The stunning colours of the lagoon, with the iconic Mount Otemano as a backdrop, are absolutely mesmerising. Sitting on the deck of my overwater bungalow at sunset with a cocktail in hand, watching baby sharks, rays and colourful fish swimming by below my feet, is one of my most precious travel experiences. I would definitely recommend Bora Bora as a bucket list travel destination!”

As Keith mentioned, the brilliant transparency of the ocean allows you to get up-close and personal to the marine life, either from the comfort of a guided boat tour or whilst swimming alongside them. From manta rays and crabs to dolphins and sea turtles, the lagoon’s climate has created many habitats for different sea life species or dive beneath the surface to explore the coral gardens. So, whether you opt for hopping onboard a glass-bottom boat or feel adventurous enough to snorkel, the beauty of this island’s lagoon is sure to blow you away.



Bora Bora sky

“Bora Bora is a beautiful travel destination offering some of the most interesting sights and activities”, shares Ana from the blog Mrs O Around the World. An incredible backdrop to visit on your next holiday, watch the glistening waters lap the shore at one of the island’s fantastic beaches to experience complete peace and tranquillity.

There are a number of different beaches on the island, although many are reserved to guests of resorts. Fortunately, Matira Beach in the south is widely-regarded as the most beautiful whilst being the only public beach on the island. The fine white sand is picture-perfect and the turquoise water truly inviting. This pristine beach is great if you’re looking to top up your tan, and the nearby La Matira Beach Restaurant makes a great lunch spot. 




Bora Bora cuisine has been inspired by many other cultures and countries, allowing it to develop its own flavour combinations that are sure to tantalise your tastebuds. From French and Italian to even Japanese influences, the colourful fusion-style dishes can be enjoyed either at high-end resorts or from local food vendors.

Due to many of the ingredients used in cooking needing to be imported, the food in Bora Bora can be expensive. However, visiting a food truck will allow you to sample some authentic cuisine at a fraction of the cost. Joining the longest queue, you can have peace of mind that if it’s good enough for the locals – it will be good enough for you too. Michele from A Taste for Travel spoke to us about her favourite cuisine from Bora Bora:

"While most famous for its stunning scenery, the island of Bora Bora is also a treat for foodies. Traditional French Polynesian cuisine features fresh, local ingredients prepared with French and Asian influences. Must-try dishes include Poisson Cru (raw fish such as tuna or bonito marinated in coconut milk), pork baked with hot stones in an underground earth oven known as a himaa, breadfruit cooked in a variety of ways, as well as po'e, a creamy custard dessert featuring banana, coconut and vanilla baked in banana leaves."

Due to the island’s location, fish is their local delicacy and is widely sold across the island although meat dishes containing lamb are also popular. Using your hands, tuck into raw sushi options or noodle-style dishes. If you’re looking for a lighter bite, supermarkets offer a variety of items that are slightly cheaper for you to enjoy.