Cruise & Maritime Voyages pride themselves with a British traditional style cruise experience this includes fruit and ice carving demonstrations on board. No CMV cruise would be complete without the ‘Baked Alaska Parade’.  As waiters and chefs parade through the dining room holding their famous dessert complete with sparkling firework on top, guests usually cheer whilst twirling their napkins.

In the hit musical Hello Dolly the characters Cornelius & Barnaby sing the line in the song ‘Put on your Sunday clothes’ – We’ll see the shows at Delmonico’s. It was here in New York’s famous restaurant the dessert was first used to celebrate the USA buying Alaska in 1867. The idea being it was meant to look like an igloo made of ice cream, cake and meringue.

On board CMV ship’s Baked Alaska is always popular. Executive Chef Basheer Vettickal on board Marco Polo shares his secret for a dessert for 10 people that can give you a standing ovation.

For Alaska Sandwich
Vanilla Sponge 2
Grand Marnier Liquor as Required
Sugar Syrup as Required
Vanilla Ice Cream 5 litres
Strawberry Ice Cream 5 litres
Chocolate Ice Cream 5 litres
Egg White 2 litres
Sugar 2kg
Glucose 150 grams


For Mix Berries Sauce
Cherry juice 1 litre
Red Wine 300 ml
Sugar 250g
Cinnamon Stick a few
Mixed Berries 600 g
Lemon Zest 4 lemon
Cornstarch 180g
Cherry Liquor 30ml


Soak the vanilla sponge with Grand Marnier, sugar syrup; layer the 3 type of Ice cream together Like a Sandwich and cover with the vanilla sponge. Keep the sandwich in the deep freezer so it will not melt

Prepare the Meringue

Boiling the sugar water and glucose till the soft ball stage, whisk the egg white and till stiff, pour the hot sugar syrup till the Italian meringue is formed, when it is ready cover the meringue on the ice cream sandwich burn with blow torch till light golden colours and served with mixed berries sauce as soon as possible. Add indoor firework!

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