An epic round the world cruise will take you across the globe, exploring some of the best destinations the earth has to offer. You will travel through breath-taking scenery, explore natural wonders, all whilst bedding down every night in your private stateroom. 


With trips varying from 40 nights to 120 nights, a world cruise allows you to really explore the world in ways you cannot on a shorter trip. You’ll be able to see the sunny Caribbean, journey along the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean and experience the vibrance of Sydney, Australia, all in one trip.

In this article, we talk to travel experts about why they think you should choose a world cruise.


Cruise Miss

“I loved every second of it and had the opportunity to visit places that I never thought I’d see”

Cruise ship in New York


Cruise Miss is a blog run by Danielle, detailing her cruising experiences as well as cruise news and more. Danielle has been cruising for over 10 years now, and is a seasoned expert, so we wanted to get her take on why you should choose a world cruise:

“I have been on a world cruise and it was absolutely fantastic. I loved every second of it and I had the opportunity to visit places that I never thought I'd ever see - because I don't like to fly. It was so much more than I thought it would be and the only negative aspect was having to disembark after living on a ship for 4 months.”

Danielle told us why going on a world cruise appealed to her: “Everything about a world cruise is appealing to me. I love to travel, and I only like to do it via cruise ship, so for me, it's essentially the ideal trip. The mix of fascinating destinations with relaxing and often very warm sea days, what's not to like about that?”

Finally, we asked Danielle why a world cruise is the best way to explore the globe: “You only have to unpack once, it's a stress-free way of reaching destinations that are further afield and for those that don't like to fly, it is the perfect way to see the world. You also have the added benefit of no jet lag because you gradually lose time, or gain it, depending on which way around the world you go. It's also an incredibly safe option, especially for solo travellers.”


Follow Me Away

“You get to experience many stops without packing up your suitcases and moving to another room.”

Woman on Cruise ship


Follow Me Away is a travel and photography blog run by Terrence and Victoria. Terrence takes the lead of the photography, whilst Victoria covers the blogging and together, they are an unstoppable pair. As travel and cruise enthusiasts, we wanted to get their views on world cruises:

“A world cruise is an amazing way to explore the globe because you get to experience many stops without packing up your suitcases and moving to another room. You have food included and have the opportunity to relax or go out and explore! No tiring plane or train rides, just nice riding from location to location in your own stateroom!”

We asked if they ever been on a world cruise: “No we have not but it is on our bucket list! Sounds like a fantastic way to explore the world and we are cruise addicts!

Finally, we asked what it was the most appealed to them about a world cruise: “The price! Believe it or not, many world cruises aren’t quite as expensive as you may think for what is involved! If you factor in the length of time and all the meals and entertainment and compare to paying it all yourself, you are actually getting a great deal!”


Cruise Maven

“Discover places you’d probably never get to visit unless you are on a world cruise.”

Cruise ship departing


Cruise Maven is a blog created by Sherry Laskin to share her adventures around the globe. Sherry is an avid cruiser due to her no-fly approach to travel. We wanted to get her input on world cruises, so we asked her why she believes it’s the best way to explore the world: “Aside from the obvious answer, unpack once, for me personally since I don’t fly, a world cruise is the only way I’ll circumnavigate the earth. So, for us growing number of people who don’t want to hop on and off of airplanes to see the world, a cruise is our answer. Also, as a solo traveller, the safety of traveling without getting lost or always looking over your shoulder is a wonderful thing.

“It’s the continuity and familiarity of getting to know your ship. To hear your ship ‘breathe’ in rough seas or gleam in the moonlight instils a bit of magic, awe and reverence for where you are at the moment, where you’ve just been and excitement for the onward voyage. To discover places, you’d probably never get to visit unless you are on a world cruise.

So, there you have it, the travel experts approve, and we don’t blame them. A world cruise offers so many more benefits than just having to unpack once (but that is a luxury you cannot deny!) 

The sense of community that appears on cruise ships after a long time can lead to people meeting life-long friends and sometimes even ‘the one’. You’ll spend your months at sea with like-minded travellers who are just as eager to explore the world as you. 

You be shocked at how cheap a world cruise actually is when you take into account the fantastic service aboard one of our vessels, and the awe-inspiring destinations you’ll visit. And finally, you’ll see places you never even knew you wanted to see. The world is there to explore and we are ready to help you see it. In one holiday you’ll be basking in the sunshine, wrapping up for the snow, visiting places you’ve may have never even heard of and falling in love with our beautiful world. 

Now, you are ready to go on a round the world cruise and you know everything you need to know, the only thing to do is start packing!