North Cape, Norway

Few countries are as dynamic, dramatic and beautiful as Norway. Journey through the ancient waterways of this unique Scandinavian country on this once-in-a-lifetime Norwegian fjords cruise, where you will experience some of the most stunning landscapes, fascinating history and impressive architecture in Europe. There are an endless array of things to do and see in Norway, but here are our ultimate favourite experiences in an unforgettable Norway cruise.

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1. Alta The Igloo Hotel
2. Honningsvåg The North Cape
3. Flåm The Flåm Railway
4. Alta In Search of the Aurora Borealis
5. Åndalsnes Rauma Railway & Bjorli
6. Eidfjord Scenic Fossli & Vøringsfoss Waterfall
7. Åndalsnes Romsdal Valley & Bjorli
8. Geiranger Scenic Geiranger
9. Bergen Bergen Intro & Funicular
10. Flåm Norway in a Nutshell

1. Icy indulgence at The Igloo Hotel

Venture to Alta for an excursion to the illustrious Igloo Hotel. Visited by Joanna Lumley in her popular TV series, it is also a favourite of CMV’s very own Michelle Lupino, Head of Shore Excursions.

2.On top of the world at North Cape

Taking a trip from Honningsvåg to the North Cape is the experience of being on top of the world. Witness the famous midnight sun as you sip a drink at a local restaurant with panoramic views of the beautiful Barents Sea.

3. Reaching great heights on the Flam railway

The Flam railway reaches 2,660ft over 12 miles, taking you through some wonderful scenery as it climbs to incredible heights. A magnificent masterpiece of engineering in itself, the train stops and allows passengers the option to mountain bike back to the quayside from the half-way point on the journey back.

4. Glimpse the Aurora Borealis in all its majesty

Seeing the Aurora Borealis on a Northern Lights cruise is on many people’s bucket lists. Alta has one of the best records for sightings of Aurora Borealis - or the Northern Lights - in the world. With the help of a local expert photographer, guests are taken to the areas where the chances of sightings are best. Although this is of course subject to weather conditions, even being in the place the Northern Lights appear is an atmospheric experience in itself.

5. The mountains are calling…

What makes this excursion so popular is in fact the train journey. Beginning in Åndalsnes where the Rauma Railway starts and terminates, literally next to the ship. Dramatic and spectacular scenes abound throughout the rail journey to Bjoril. Passengers are then taken by coach through remarkable mountain scenery to the ship. Depending on train times the excursion may occasionally operate in reverse.

6. Take in the wonder of Voringsfoss Waterfall

Such a delightful Norwegian cruise port is not one to miss. Seize the opportunity to visit the famous Fossli Hotel, where you can enjoy the breath-taking sight of the Voringsfoss Waterfall that crashes down an incredible 600 feet. As the viewing area is currently under major construction, care will need to be taken when walking whilst the improvements are being made.

7. Visit Europe’s highest vertical overhanging wall!

This unique coach excursion from Åndalsnes following the River Rauma is a big favourite amongst adrenaline-lovers. Here you will have the chance to see the ‘Troll Wall’, which is famous with climbers from all over the world for being the highest vertical overhanging wall in Europe. Make a quick stop in Bjoril before returning through what is considered one of Norway’s most attractive valleys.

8. Stunning sights of the fjords

Geirangerfjord is certainly one of the most beautiful fjords you will ever see, and is famous for how often it is captured in photographs as much as for its own elegance. The Scenic Geiranger is the perfect excursion of approximately 2 hours, ideal for the photographer searching for those truly mind-blowing views. 11 hairpin bends will take you to Eagle’s Bend where a fantastic view awaits. After passing through the village of Geiranger another stop is made at the Flydal gorge viewpoint, where you can usually photograph your ship in the fjord for memories to cherish.

9. Step into a fairytale in beautiful Bergen

A cruise of Norway is not complete without witnessing some of the country’s spectacular Scandinavian architecture. Bergen and Funicular makes for the ideal introduction to Norway’s second largest city. As well as the picturesque old buildings at Bryggen - the inspiration to Disney’s Frozen - the 8 minute Funicular journey to the top of Mount Floien completes the experience with a view you will never forget.

10. Norway in a nutshell

Experience Norway in a nutshell from Flam. This brilliant excursion encompasses all the best bits of Norway in one day; waterfalls, the Flam railway, mountain roads, views and a delicious, hearty Norwegian lunch.