We boarded Magellan having not cruised before

With minor concerns about what was in store

But the ship was a smasher – it sure looked the part

And so did the crew in their uniforms smart.


In the Bay of Biscay, the weather turned rough

With eight metre waves the going got tough

And we noticed as down to our cabin we veered

That a wee line of sick bags had quietly appeared.


But that didn’t last, the wind soon died down

We stopped off at Vigo, a fine Spanish town

Then Magellan forged on through benevolent seas

And passenger settled to lives full of ease.


And time doesn’t drag with distractions galore

There were dances and crafts and sports and much more

You can learn how to paint or to take a good snap

Or stretch out in the sun for an afternoon nap.


There’s loungers aplenty to lie on your back

Or fancy a dook? There are pools front and back

Or just stroll around the decks on the lookout for whales

As Magellan serenely southwestwardly sails.


Whether your “thing” is a knit and natter

Or if you’re a bowler or ping pong ball batter

Quizzing or hula or just laughs with the crew

You can’t ever say that there’s nothing to do.

And the night entertainment’s; as good as I’ve seen

Whether it’s Africa, Broadway or Queen

All tastes are met from Beethoven to Bing

‘Cos Tony makes sure our nights go with a swing.


Foods from all round the world appear on your plate

There’s variety, choice - each meal a banquet

The waiters deliver with style and elan

So, thank to the head chef – I’m your biggest fan.


No matter your wish a crew member is there

To meet your request with politeness and care

And each situation whether minor or drastic

Is resolved by the team led by Captain Fantastic.


Handsome and tall, distinguished and dashing

The ladies all smiles when the Captain comes passing

And we’re glued to the tannoy whenever he tells

Of the height of the waves or the size of the swells.


Then we crossed the Equator to great celebration

The crew kissed the fish – some with mild trepidation

They gave us a laugh by playing the fool

Then most took a dook in the ship’s swimming pool.


Then by magic it seemed the sea changed its hue

Turning rich brown from its previous blue

As into the ocean the Amazon oozed

But onwards and upward our sleek liner cruised.


Now tropical jungle conditions prevailed

The temperature soared as onwards we sailed

The sunbeds were filled and so were the drinks

And it wasn’t just dolphins whose bodies turned pink.


We’ve seen sloths in the trees, vultures leisurely flight

We’ve got up close to caiman entranced by torchlight

Seen flashing kingfishers, toucans with great beaks

And fished for piranha in tropical creeks.


We explored steamy jungles, tried strange tasting fruits

Saw big hairy spiders, got ants in our boots

Met indigenous tribes where some took the chance

To sample their food and take part in their dance.


We got ferried ashore in biblical numbers

For a quiet island stroll or a boisterous Boi Bumba

And you brought us back safely, foul winds or fair

So “thanks Lifeboat Crew” for your “tender” care.


We sometimes for lost and wandered the decks

Or lost our cruise card or misplaced our specs

But contact reception – they know what to do

If you’ve knackered the safe or got stuck in the loo.


In the Caribbean the ship island – hopped

We strolled sunny streets and for bright shirts we shopped

While friends back at home suffered zero degrees

We kayaked and swam in sparkling blue seas.


Now just one more thing before I must go

I have the just mention the brilliant Cruise Show

‘Twas an evening of laughs, fun and talents galore

Which left all in a packed house shouting for more.


So, we’ve had a great time been treated like Kings

Seen wonderful places, done wonderful things

So, thanks to you all at the CMV crew

When we think about cruising, we’ll think about you!