When holidaying to a far off and exotic place one of the greatest excitements is the new cuisine you’ll try on your journey. When you are going on one of our Canary cruises that excitement is well placed and the amazing blend of Spanish influence and north African heat allow for some tantalising local delicacies. The conditions on the islands make for a fantastic growing environment, meaning the produce is incredible. Also, the small sub-cultures on the individual islands mean you’ll find many twists on the dishes as you travel around.

In this article, we will look at some of the dishes you simply must try when visiting the Canaries.

The Danish capital is often described as one of the most ‘liveable’ cities in the world and it is also one of the most visited. Its cobbled streets, 1,000 years of royal history and modern Nordic food movement make it a hugely popular destination for holidaymakers.

When people think of Panama, often their minds go to the canal and then struggles to go further. This unimposing Central American country is the link between North and South America and is bordered by Colombia on the south and Costa Rica on the north. This location gives it a diverse and thriving culture and is only one of the reasons why a stop at its capital, Panama City, is something you should look forward to on your world cruise.

Cruising has always been a great way to visit multiple cities and countries in one holiday, there is no better way to see the highlights of the Baltic States than on one of our Baltic cruises. A highlight for most is a stop in enchanting Tallinn where medieval and modern are fused with an energetic spirit. Estonia’s capital is a fascinating mix of Scandinavian sleek, Soviet-era concrete and medieval Hanseatic city. 

If you want to hold on to that summer feeling and continue to chase the sun, there are many destinations that can offer you the perfect autumn getaway. Don’t pack your sunglasses and swimming costumes away quite yet, as with temperatures still in the 20’s and booming sunshine all day long, you’ll be in for a real treat. In this article, we look at some of the best places to visit if you just aren’t quite ready to let go of the summer. 

Travelling and eating well go hand-in-hand and it’s part of the experience to try local delicacies in a country you’ve never been to before.

There are so many great foodie destinations all over the world and through food, you can experience a country’s culture, learn about the people and immerse yourself in what makes each place so unique.

An epic round the world cruise will take you across the globe, exploring some of the best destinations the earth has to offer. You will travel through breath-taking scenery, explore natural wonders, all whilst bedding down every night in your private stateroom. 


If you’re looking to get away from the crowds and want to see another side to the largest Canary Island that might not be in the holiday brochures, there are lots of things you can see and do that are off the tourist trail.

During your Canary Islands cruise and whilst you’re on land, you should consider doing some of the following activities to get a taste of the real Tenerife. 

While many countries above the arctic circle in the Baltics and Scandinavia spend much of their winters in darkness with average light hours not getting above four or five hours in total, the summer brings another phenomenon which baths them in the midnight sun, where the sun sits on the horizon for the full 24 hours of the day. With 76 days of midnight sun between May and July within the Arctic Circle and temperatures raising to temperate levels taking a Baltic Cruise, Spitzbergen & North Cape Cruise or Iceland and Northern Isles Cruise during these months is the perfect time to visit if the bitter winters of the north do not take your fancy.  


There are many reasons why someone may want to book a cruise, only having to unpack once, having your own space and being able to go to multiple locations easily are just a few. But often, people think a longer cruise makes for a better holiday and can dismiss a mini cruise altogether, even though it offers the chance to have exciting weekend breaks. In this article, we look at the 8 main reasons why you should look at booking a mini cruise. 

Funchal Madeira

A holiday is an opportunity to explore wonderful new places and cultures, whilst relaxing and washing away the stresses of everyday life. As you all well know a cruise complements this philosophy and can set you up for a holiday that will live long in your memory once you are back home, however, how can you make the planning phase as easy as possible? Well, we’ve got the answers.

Situated on the Baltic Sea, St Petersburg is an impressive Russian port city. Its ornate architecture, grand museums and UNESCO World Heritage status make St Petersburg Russia’s cultural capital.

While holidaymakers might not immediately feel drawn to the city, due to political controversies, St Petersburg has so much to offer the discerning traveller. Forming part of a Baltic cruise holiday, your stopover in this lavishly-built city should be treasured, as it provides a unique opportunity to experience an entirely new culture, and see some of the world’s finest buildings.

When it comes to short breaks in Europe, Amsterdam often steals the limelight. But 45 miles southwest, the creative city of Rotterdam is well worth your time. As much of the city was sadly destroyed during the Second World War, Rotterdam has used innovative architecture to breathe new life into the area. While some magnificent original buildings remain, the city has found unique ways to introduce some of the world’s most cutting-edge design into Rotterdam. The result is a spectacular blend of old and new. 

Travelling can be stressful, but with sufficient planning, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are booking activities to do on your European cruise, applying for an EHIC card at ehiccardrenewal.co.uk or looking up restaurants for the best meal whilst abroad, it is easier than ever to have your ideal holiday without the initial stress of planning. Here we are going to look at some key points you need to know before you embark on your voyage around Europe!

Las Palmas is the place where the city meets the sea. With a Spanish feel and powerful mix of cultures thanks to its busy port, Las Palmas is one of the most exciting destinations on any Canaries cruise.

From eccentric churches to singing trees, the Baltic cities are home to many hidden gems. On your Baltic cruise, you’ll get the chance to visit beautiful cities such as Copenhagen, Helsinki and St Petersburg, and while there are plenty of world-renowned attractions to explore, it’s worth taking time to seek out some of the lesser-known places. In this guide, we’ll talk you through the hidden gems of the Baltics, so you can see a different side to these popular cities.

Orange-Pride comes alive every year in the capital of the Netherlands to celebrate the reigning Monarch for King’s or Queen’s Day. First celebrated over 133 years ago in 1885 in honour of the birth of Queen Wilhelmina, the reigning Monarch’s have moved the official date over the years to reflect the new Monarch’s inauguration or birthday. For those on a short breaks cruise to the Dutch capital, if you arrive on King’s Day you will see the city in all it’s glory as party fever takes over and celebrations begin.

Sibuya crossing

When thinking of cruising, most people imagine exotic ports, coastal cities and sun-glazed islands. Once you dock, you’d be able to hop off of the ship for the day, and then head back on to the open ocean until the next stop.

These days though, it can be less about the port, and more about the locations you can access via the port. There are many destinations you didn’t know you could cruise to available on our world cruise itineraries, and in this article we are going to reveal some of these lesser-known cruising gems.

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2018 list features Antwerp as one of its top 10 city destinations. Visit Antwerp's Alderman, Koen Kennis, said “This award really is great recognition for Antwerp. We very much appreciate the extra boost this will have for inspiring visits to our city." Tom Hall, Lonely Planet’s Editorial Director, added: “While visitors to Antwerp will find all the classic Belgian experiences of cobbled lanes, gorgeous architecture, chocolate and beer, the city also boasts a thriving creative scene and cool cafes, restaurants and bars. With a packed schedule of events planned for 2018, there’s never been a better time to visit this cosmopolitan city.”

Highlighting exclusively intimate luxury and boutique ships, CruiseLates.com’s publication Stowaway has featured one of our fabulous exotic holidays aboard Marco Polo. The no-fly Caribbean round-trip on board the magnificent 800-passenger ship is the focus of one of Stowaway’s magazine features. Stopping in Antigua & Barbados, Saint Marteen, St. Kitts, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and Grenada before setting sail across the Atlantic to visit Madeira and Lisbon, this epic cruise covers some of the most desirable locations in the world over 34 days. To find out what Stowaway had to say about the new itinerary, read the article here. If you’re tempted by the West Indies & Azores cruise, view the full itinerary and get in touch for more information.