Winter Cruising in Norway has become a great success for CMV since our first winter cruise to Norway in 2010.

The Northern Light activity operates in cycles of 11 years and as we are at the height of this cycle we want to clarify what to expect in the years to come as there seem to be a misconception that the Northern Lights will be severely reduced during the cycle once the peak is over. This however is not the fact according to experts on the topic.


Please follow the link below to read what retired Northern Lights Scientist Mr. Truls Lynne Hansen at the Northern Lights Observatory in Tromsø has to say about the Northen Light in the future. Truls Lynne Hansen is the very expert that international celebrity and traveller Joanna Lumley consulted before travelling to Norway and seeing the Northern Lights in 2008; a spectacular viewing of the Lady Aurora that was shared with millions of viewers across the globe.

We hope that the below will help to clarify some of the questions you may have regarding the prospects of seeing the Northern Lights in years to come and hope to see you one one of our popular cruises in search of the Northern Lights in Norway in the future.

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