Tony ParkinsThis morning commenced with a Commemorative Service on the back deck of Marco Polo with the Veterans on board as guests of honour and all the ship’s officers in attendance.

The service was led by Tony Parkins, Cruise Director, who ended the ceremony with a special poem written by him for the occasion. After the Last Post was sounded all the Veterans stood up and came up to the pool. Those who had their own wreaths tossed them in the pool and the Staff Captain with the Safety Officer tossed the ship’s wreath as well.

At around 10:00hrs Marco Polo passengers could see Discovery approaching on the starboard side and the two ships came as close as possible. Just before 11:00hrs both ship’s sounded three long blasts.

The Cruise Director announced a salute to the two ship’s with a cheer and a ‘Hip Hip Hooray‘.

You fought D-Day beaches all
This day we share with you,
Still you walk proud and tall.

The Captain, Officers & Crew give thanks,
you travel this trip
Remembering memories & mates on
our cruise ship

We meet you one by one
Each with dignity I see and know
Every smile in the evening you enjoy our show.

You think yourselves not heroes be
Mothers give birth everyday salute you,
You conquered foes, so proud are we

We sleep tonight you gave us the day
We live our lives with hope in hearts
And for those who died we eternally pray