Lonely Planet recently listed Antwerp as one it’s top ten city destinations for its ‘Best in Travel’ for 2018. Visit Antwerp's Alderman, Koen Kennis said “This award really is great recognition for Antwerp. We very much appreciate the extra boost this will have for inspiring visits to our city." With Tom Hall, Lonely Planet’s Editorial Director explaining; “While visitors to Antwerp will find all the classic Belgian experiences of cobbled lanes, gorgeous architecture, chocolate and beer, the city also boasts a thriving creative scene and cool cafes, restaurants and bars. With a packed schedule of events planned for 2018, there’s never been a better time to visit this cosmopolitan city.”

2018 will see the reintroduction of diamonds to the city tourism offering as for almost 500 years Antwerp has been the heart of the world’s diamond trade, first becoming the Diamond Capital in 1447. Over 80% of all rough diamonds and 50% of all cut diamonds find their way to the city and in 2016 202 million carats of rough and cut diamond were traded in Antwerp and it is claimed that every diamond in the world passes through Antwerp at least once.

DIVA Antwerp – Home of Diamonds


Due to open in May 2018, DIVA will be the city’s newest diamond museum located on the main road from the port to the city centre and will provide a new and unique experience showcasing the BrilliAntwerp story.

Within the house are six rooms and you are lead throughout the museum by your very own DIVA butler who is there to help and assist. While many of us know of diamonds with the help of DIVA you can look beyond the glittering surface to see the background works to better understand the diamond industry. 

  • Wunderkammer – home to unusual and contemporary objects.
  • Construction – learn how silverware and diamonds are cut and worked by master craftsmen.
  • International diamond trading – learn how diamonds move across the world through various trade routes.
  • Silver – Antwerp is also well known for its silver trade and how the rich used it for everyday items.
  • Strongroom – learn about the dark criminal side of the diamond industry and be challenged before you can leave!
  • Jewellery Boudoir – take in the beauty and splendour of some of Antwerp’s most beautiful pieces of jewellery.


When: The full museum will open in May 2018. Open from 10:00 – 18:00 daily. 

Where: Suikerrui 17-19, 2000 Antwerp

More information: See DIVA Antwerp website


A History of Antwerp’s Diamond Trade

1447 – first recorded trade of diamonds in Antwerp; a city magistrate also issued an edict stating that fake diamonds would not be permitted for trade within the city.

1515 – first documented diamond cutter was registered in the city.

1582 – The first diamond cutters guild was created, the Diamantsnijdernatie – translating as the diamond cutting nation.

1585 – Antwerp was captured by the Portuguese and many of the Protestant diamond traders and cutters left or were sent into exile. Many found their way to Amsterdam where the diamond market followed.

1648 – the Peace of Munster between the Netherlands and Spain ended the 80 years war, however, within the agreement, it was stated that the river Scheldt would be closed to navigation which further damaged both the diamond trade and the commercial centre of Antwerp.

1866 – after years of dwindling diamond stocks which lead to many abandoning the skills in Antwerp, massive quantities of rough diamonds were sourced in South Africa leading to a boom in the need for skilled workers and the city flourished again.

1893 – Diamond dealers within Antwerp worked together to create the Diamantclub van Antwerpen (Antwerp’s Diamond Club) and moved into the building near to the newly created railway station.

1939-1945 – When the Germans invaded and subsequently occupied, Antwerp in 1940 they effectively closed the port and the river Scheldt and the supply of rough diamonds entering the city was non-existent. Many of the city’s Jewish diamond traders did not survive and at the end of the war of the 27,000 diamond workers who had once worked in Antwerp, only 3,500 remained still in the city.

1947 – After the war varying centres of diamond trade opened across the world and Antwerp as the centre of the European trade opened became the headquarters of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.


Top Tips for Buying a Diamond

If you’re looking to purchase a piece of jewellery from Antwerp there are a few points to bear in mind. Visit Antwerp has a great guide on the different areas and expertise which the city is famed for.

The four C’s:

1.       Carat – weight of the diamond

2.       Colour – scaling the colour from completely clear to coloured

3.       Clarity – the number of flaws or impurities in the diamond

4.       Cut – looking at how the diamond was cut and shaped into its final shape

Research in advance

It is worth doing some research on what type of diamond you would like before you head to the diamond district. There are numerous shops within the diamond district which all offer hundreds of different varieties of jewellery. It always worth researching what you’re looking for before the trip, so you can do some window-shopping on arrival to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Purity – Kimberly Process

Antwerp itself is very proud to proclaim that it only trades in conflict-free diamonds and since the approval of the Kimberly Process, Antwerp is renowned as a global moral leader in transparency and compliance, so you can shop with an easy mind that the diamonds on display are of an ethical source.


In most of the shops, it is expected that there will be some back and forth over price so don’t worry about standing your ground if you think the price is too high. The negotiation process in Antwerp is a slower and more delicate process than in your average market, so do be prepared to take some time and try not to insult!


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