All things cruise; how good is your nautical knowledgeSure, you probably know your cruises. You’ve probably been on a few mini cruises, or even a world cruise. You probably know the difference between the berth and the bow, but how many answers can you get on our cruise ship quiz?

This is your port of call for the best facts and questions about cruises, so let’s see if you warrant a place at the Captain’s table.

Think you need to go on a few more world cruises to bump up your score?

Or maybe you should just check out some interesting facts from the experts and cruise ship aficionados.

Online travel magazine Travel with a mate is full of great travel advice, reviews of destinations and worldwide travel observations. Deborah, co-founder of Travel with a mate and self-proclaimed travel addict gave us her insight into going on a cruise. 

See a number of destinations in one adventure

“With our time-off at a premium, cruises are an awesome way to see a host of new countries in one trip. There are so many itineraries to choose from and with everything organised for you it makes getting a quick taste of each destination very easy. Often visiting some of the most iconic destinations in the world too. Plus there's no greater way to arrive in your dream destination than by cruise ship!”

Cost per day is lower than you think

“With almost everything included in the ticket price, cruises are actually surprisingly affordable. If you add up the cost of planes, trains, three meals a day, excursions and luxury hotel rooms plus all the shows, entertainment and night life, cruises are very comparable to any other type of travel. It’s often easier to calculate where your money was spent so cruise holidays are less of a shock to the wallet.”

Never a dull moment

“Cruise ships are action packed vessels of pure entertainment, luxury and indulgence. They just keep getting bigger and better too. With plenty of restaurants, theatre shows, cinemas, night clubs, swimming pools, spas, daytime activities and good old fashioned sea views to enjoy all day long. It’s hard to see how anyone could get bored on board!”

Emrys Thakkar’s love of cruising began in 2004 after working for Carnival Cruise lines and in 2008, decided to launch his own personal site, Cruise Hive, about cruise ships. Emrys has offered us an insight into what makes cruises so special.

“One of the great realities about cruising are all the different nationalities onboard. It’s always been something which has inspired me to see crew members from just about every country you can possibly think of working together as a team. It's the crew who can make or break the experience and they really do make the difference.

The ship is the crew’s home for many months and they are the best to ask for some port advice and tips. The room steward who makes sure the stateroom is glowing every time a guest walks through the door is just one of many who will keep you smiling throughout the entire voyage.”