So you've finally booked your first cruise! To make sure you're fully prepeared to head out on the high sea's we've got some great tips for you. 

These simple tips will help you prepare for your future voyage. These simple tips are also useful on board and keep your from learning any mistakes the hard way.

Mini Cruises

If you are still a cruise virgin, a mini cruise is always a good way to test the waters. There are mini cruises departing from ports around Britain continuosly, some just sail to another port in the UK and only last one night, whilst some last up to 3 nights and may visit destinations like Amsterdam, Antwerp, Le Harve or Dublin.

Mini cruises deliver all the luxury of a longer cruise, while also immersing you in beautiful destinations in a shorter period of time, be it Amsterdam or Dublin. With a wide selection of cruise special offers, you are sure to find the perfect itinerary for you, at the best rates.

8 tips for first time cruisers