There are many reasons why someone may want to book a cruise, only having to unpack once, having your own space and being able to go to multiple locations easily are just a few. But often, people think a longer cruise makes for a better holiday and can dismiss a mini cruise altogether, even though it offers the chance to have exciting weekend breaks. In this article, we look at the 8 main reasons why you should look at booking a mini cruise. 

 1. You’ve never cruised before

Mini-cruising is the perfect way to dip your toe in the water and test out cruising. These short trips mean you have a low commitment and aren’t on the ship for a long time, but you are on it long enough to be able to try some of the fantastic things a cruise can offer.

If you’ve always wanted to cruise but have always had something holding you back, then look at a mini cruise as the perfect compromise. With prices starting very low you won’t need to spend a lot for a fantastic time away, and you’ll soon get the cruising bug! 


2. Limited time? No problem

Mini-cruises are aimed at people who just need a few days or a weekend to unwind. Although most people associate cruises with long holidays around the world, a mini-cruise means you’ll get all of that cruise relaxation, without having to spend a huge amount of time away. Perfect for a last-minute break or squeezing in an extra holiday. 

Analog watch checking


3. A whole holiday behind your stateroom door

There is so much to do on a cruise ship you’ll have a great time without having to traipse across cities or spend ages checking reviews to find the best spots. They are all just there.

Instead of having to travel across towns and cities between activities you’ll merely have to travel through your ship to find your next item. When there is only a short walk between the casino, the restaurant and the after-party, holidays become a whole lot easier!


4. A great Christmas getaway

The winter months are often overlooked as a great time for holidaying by those seeking sun and sand, but there is one amazing reason to go away this winter. European Christmas markets bring in hundreds of people to enjoy roasted nuts, Gluhwein and bratwurst. 

European Christmas Market

Weave through the small market stands and experiences the smells of Christmas food as you go. Watch on at the smiling faces picking up gifts for their loved ones as they browse. Relax and soak in another culture's holidays. A mini-cruise is a great way to spend your weekend getting into the festive spirit the best way in the world, travelling to places like Honfleur, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam. 


5. It’s all-inclusive done well

All-inclusive is fantastic. Paying a onetime fee and knowing everything is taken care of can really make a holiday fantastic. But, what is even better than that is when that all-inclusive is of luxury standard.

When you cruise, your fee can cover all manner of holiday expenses and do it at a luxury. All-inclusive resorts are often synonymous with sub-par service, crowded poolside’s and not much more. All-inclusive cruising is different. Even on a mini-cruise, priority is put on making sure your experience is as life-changing and relaxing as possible. 


6. Avoid the hassle of airports

Airports, who needs them? Not you! Skip the customs line, forget having to carry your suitcase around and worrying about weight limits. Cruising takes all of that stress away. Buy as much as you like and know you aren’t going to have to worry about fitting it all in your case for a flight! Feel free to bring back items like bottles of delicious regional wine without having to worry about 100ml limits. 

Travel packing

With a weekend break, often a lot of time can be wasted in the travel and the wait around at airports or on trains. Not with a mini-cruise! Even the time spent travelling is a holiday with our onboard amenities and entertainment. This is travelling done right. From the moment you step on board your ship your holiday begins, and you can start to unwind. 


7. Have more than one type of holiday at once

The amazing thing about cruises is they are more than one type of holiday, all at once. Before you even arrive at your destination you can relax in one of our spas, watch a fantastic show, spend some time in the pool, learn something at one of our classes and experience some of the finest dining on the ocean. 

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Then, when you do arrive at your destination you can choose from shore excursions, going it alone, going with a group from your cruise and much more. A mini-cruise can be whatever kind of holiday you need, all without even having to leave the ship. 


It’s a great add-on

Not quite ready for that cruise feeling to end? Perhaps you wish you could go just a little further? If you are a seasoned cruiser, you could consider adding a mini-cruise to another cruise. This means you can keep your travels going on slightly longer, return to somewhere you love or go somewhere brand new without it being involved in a larger itinerary. 


Now if you are tempted to try out a mini-cruise we have lots of destinations from overnight trips to weekends away to Europe and much more, the only question is: when will you go?