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From Russia to Italy, from the French Riviera to Tunisian waters, European Cruises are a must-have on your bucket list. Europe is such a diverse continent, from the gloomy cities to scorching beaches, there’s certainly no lack of things to do at each port. Vast mainland ports and tiny island stops can all be found on your trip, but one question still remains… Which cruise do you try first? We’ve taken a look at the best cruises you could go on in Europe, so all you have to do is renew your e111 card and get packing!

Amsterdam and Antwerp

Amsterdam Cruise

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Amsterdam or Antwerp or, hey, even both, this this is the cruise for you. These two cities are the epitome of European culture, and promise stunning scenery and pretty canals to admire. In Amsterdam, you can be greeted by the likes of the Anne Frank Museum, or the Van Gogh Museum, and don’t hesitate to jump on a bike to cycle around the gabled-housed streets during a shore excursion. In Antwerp, enjoy the eye-catching architecture and the countless galleries filled with stunning artwork – besides, who’s going to turn down the chance to get some genuine Belgian chocolates?

The Baltics and Russia

Baltic Cities Cruises

While cruises around the Baltics are fairly new to the industry, those to the likes of St Petersburg and other Russian ports aren’t. Try a little of the new and the traditional all in the same trip! See Russia’s imperial city, enjoy the highlights of Copenhagen and get lost in the medieval and gothic architecture of the Baltics. You could even get the chance to navigate through the Kiel Canal – a feat that is difficult for larger cruise ships.

The British Isles

British Isles Cruises

If you want an experience a little closer to home, a British Isles cruise could be a great way to see more of the UK and beyond! A cruise around the British Isles will take you to some of the more far-flung islands you could think of, and the iconic cities and coastal towns that give the isles their charm. There is a wide range of cultures and diverse customs and traditions to enjoy, and with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the UK and Ireland, you can uncover some of the best history the islands have to offer. With a smaller ship, you can stop at more of the ports, so booking a smaller cruise can actually work out more beneficial!

Christmas Markets

Hamburg Christmas Market

If it’s a winter break you’re looking for, then a Christmas market cruise could be just the right option for you. You could see some of Germany’s most traditional and visually stunning markets, sample the mulled wine in Hamburg’s impressive town hall, and stock up on your Christmas shopping with the wide range of gifts and decorations available at each market. You could see the French Christmas Markets, stroll Amsterdam’s canals adorned in fairy lights, and fill yourself up on Belgian waffles. What could be better than that?

Northern Lights

Northern Lights Cruise

Did you know you can go on a cruise just to see the Northern Lights? Well, you can! The Aurora Borealis is a stunning natural light show that can be spotted from the lights of Norway, Iceland, Trondheim and more. A cruise will take you through these icy destinations for the best opportunity to see this spectacle in all of its glory. Dazzle yourself with the lights, before immersing yourself in the luxury of the cruise ships to warm yourself up after an excursion. We can’t think of a more magical cruise.