River Cruising may be less well known than ocean cruising but is becoming ever more popular. More cruise companies are diversifying from traditional ocean cruises and entering the river market and more and more River Cruise Ships are being built each year, every one more luxurious and spacious than the last.

  1. Its incredible value

    Although you will need to check with each cruise line before booking, River Cruise fares offer exceptional value because almost everything is included in your fare (don't forget to check before booking as each line is different). Unlike ocean cruises most cruise lines offer you a free tour of each port your visit, free wi-fi and free beer, wine and soft drinks at lunch and dinner.

    Not included items may include top shelf alcohol, personal items and gratuities.

  2. You don’t need to plan anything

    Don’t stress about the details of a river cruise. All details are taken care of for you, the itinerary is planned, you have a place to lay your head at night and your food is taken care of for the duration of your cruise.

  3. River ships are intimate

    River Ships do have size limitations unlike the floating resorts that cruise the oceans. This is because River Ships have to take into consideration that they need to be able to sail under bridges and through locks. The largest River Ships can carry a maximum of 200 passengers.

    The bonus of going on small intimate ships include getting to know the staff and they will be able to get to know you too. Your also be able to get to know your fellow passengers. Many lasting friendships have been made from meeting other guests on cruise ships.

  4. River Cruising is casual

    Generally, there are no set seating plans on River Cruises (check before booking). River Cruising is also casual dress at all times. Leave your heels and tux at home because you won’t need them here.

  5. You’ll never get bored

    Although your sailing experience may be calm your day will be action packed. Most River Cruises keep your busy throughout the day and night including activities, Shore Excursions, meals and entertainment in the bars and lounges.

  6. You won’t get sea sick

    If you still haven’t found your sea legs when going on an ocean cruise, River Cruising may be for you. River currents are easy and you will find it very hard to feel any motion coming from the water.

  7. You’ll never have to worry about sinking in open waters

    If one of your fears of an ocean cruise is sinking in open water, then look no further. Rivers are only a few meters deep and usually only a few meters wide. In the extremely unlikely situation you did ever have to abandon ship you would be only a few meters away from putting two feet on dry land. Plus, there are no sharks in the rivers or Europe!

  8. River Ships are luxurious

    River Cruise Ships these days are far apart from the ships of yesteryear. Most River Ships today are seen as floating modern hotels offering the comfort and style of hotels you would expect to find in the middle of popular city centres.

    Comfortable lounges, spacious rooms with balconies and open decks provide opportunities to relax and enjoy yourself at all times of your cruise. If you’re really lucky your ship may even have a Hot Tub on the top deck!

  9. You can go on your own

    For single travellers, safety and companionship are usually high on the list of priorities. Cruises are ideal, offering secure environments and opportunities to meet likeminded single travellers. There will almost certainly be other single travellers on board and 9 times out of 10 staff on board will often make sure you are able to meet up with other single travellers on the first day of your cruise.

  10. Travelling on the rivers are the best way to see a region

    No ocean cruise will let you access cities such as Nuremburg, Paris, Vienna or Budapest. No road trip will let you see as many cities in a week without being exhausted from driving all the time.

    Cruise itineraries offer the highlights of an entire region and you don’t have to worry about any of the details of getting there.

Want more reasons?

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